AWM G11 antifreeze

AWM® G11 contains a combined package of anti-corrosive improvers, which includes both organic compounds – organic carboxylates, and inorganic compounds – silicates.

These components provide an intensive anti-corrosion effect due to their ability to inhibit corrosion by various mechanisms. Silicates form a solid protective insoluble film on metals.

Carboxylates act “pointwise” only at the appearance of corrosion centers and are consumed stepwise while compensating the loss of protective actions, created by silicates.

Free from nitrites, amines, and phosphates.

Ready-to-use product and concentrate.

Advantages of AWM® G11 antifreeze:

  • effective anti-corrosion protection of all motor types, including aluminum ones;
  • motor overheating protection;

protection from motor freezing in winter.

Properties ASTM test methods
Gravity at 20 °C, g/cc D1122
Boiling point, °C D1120
Chilling temperature, °C D1177
Hydrogen ion activity index, pH, at 20 °C D1287
Reserve alkalinity (minimum 10 cc) D1121
Foaming test, cubic centimeter D1881

Ready mix antifreeze: 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 220 kg, 230 kg
Concentrate: 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 220 kg, 230 kg
Application: for preparation of antifreeze it is recommended to dilute the concentrate with distilled water in the following volume ratios:

Chilling temperature, 0°С Amount of water,
% of volume
minus 37 0С 50
minus 50 0С 40


Antifreeze with approvals of largest automotive manufacturers:

Alfa Romeo mod. 1976-2005 Lada mod. before 2009 Saab mod. 1975-2000 Gottwald all models
Audi mod. 1981-1996 Lancia mod. from 1976 Seat mod. 1985-1996 Iveco all models
Bentley mod. 1980-2005 Land Rover Range Rover V8 and Skoda mod. 1989-1998 Pegaso all models
BMW from 1975, Mini 2001   Diesel 1998-2005 Smart mod. from 1998 Perkins all models
Chrysler from 1985 Lotus mod. from 1980 VW mod. 1975-1996 Scania all models
Daewoo from 1992 Mercedes mod. from 1976 Volvo mod. from 1982 Sisu all models
Dodge all models
Mitsubishi Carisma before 2004 Atlas all models
Ferrari mod. from 1979   Colt from 2004 Chevrolet all models    
Fiat mod. 1982-2005 Morgan all models
Fassi all models    
Ford all models
Opel mod. 1975-2000 Fiat all models    
Jaguar Xj40, Xj300 Porsche 924, 944, 968, 928 Freightliner all models    
  XJS from 1986   mod. 1978-1993 GM all models    
  before 1997 Rolls-Royce all models
Ginaf all models