AWM G12+ antifreeze

AWM® G12+ antifreeze

contains organic carboxylates as corrosion inhibitors. This cooling fluid does not utilize such inhibitors as nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates and silicates, which have a significant disadvantage – ability to initiate corrosion process as diluted in cooling fluid.

Carboxylate inhibitors ensure persistence of anti-corrosion effect during a long period, because carboxylates do not deposit on the entire surface and prevent corrosion progress locally, while directly interacting with corrosion center that creates a unique protection mechanism.

Ready-to-use product and concentrate.

Carboxylate technology of AWM® G12+ antifreeze:

  • improvement of heat transfer, and, consequently, increase of cooling system efficiency;
  • reduction of inhibitor flow rate – prolongation of cooling fluid service life;
  • thinning and density decrease – improvement of circulation.

Properties ASTM test methods
Gravity at 20°C, g/cc D1122
Boiling point, 0°С D1120
Chilling temperature, °C D1177
Hydrogen ion activity index, pH, at 20°C D1287
Reserve alkalinity (minimum 10 cc) D1121
Foaming test, cubic centimeter D1881

Ready mix antifreeze: 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 220 kg, 230 kg
Concentrate: 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 220 kg, 230 kg
Application: for preparation of antifreeze it is recommended to dilute the concentrate with distilled water in the following volume ratios:

Chilling temperature, 0°С Amount of water,
% of volume
minus 37 0С 50
minus 50 0С 40

Antifreeze with approvals of largest automotive manufacturers:

Alfa Romeo mod. from 2005 KIA mod. from 1991 Renault mod. from 1985 Isuzu all models
Audi mod. from 1996 Land Rover Freelander, Discovery, Saab mod. from 2001 Mack all models
Bentley mod. from 2005   Defender from 1998 Seat mod. from 1997 MAN all models
BMW Mini from 2005 Lexus mod. from 1994 Skoda mod. from 1998 Mercedes all models
Citroën mod. from 1993 Mazda mod. from 1977 Subaru mod. from 1997 Volvo all models
Daihatsu mod. from 1979 MG Rover mod. from 1982 Suzuki mod. from 1981    
Fiat mod. from 2005 Mitsubishi Carisma and new Toyota mod. from 1978    
Ford all models   Colt from 1982 VW mod. from 1997    
Honda mod. from 1983     Nissan mod. from 1982 Chevrolet all models
Hyundai mod. from 1982     Opel mod. from 2001 Daewoo all models
Jaguar XJ308, XJ350,     Peugeot mod. from 1993 DAF all models
  S-Type, X-Type, Porsche Carrera, Boxter, Cayman, GM all models    
  XK from 1997   Cayenne from 1996 GMC all models