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About us

AWM   The «AWM GROUP LLC» company is one of the leading world innovation companies in the R&D field of automotive chemistry and automotive components.

The company actively cooperates with the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), by fulfilling integrated knowledge-intensive researches in the field of automotive components, engine oils, lubricants
and automotive fluids.

With a large scientific and production base,
the company may simultaneously conduct up to 200 unique researches, including exploitation, bench researches as well as researches in road condition researches.


The unique production, manufactured by one of the leading world innovation companies in the field of research and development of automotive chemistry and automotive components
– the «AWM GROUP LLC» company (USA), includes automotive chemistry, expendable materials and automotive cosmetics.

The AWM brand is the conformity with world branch standards, modern technologies, constant quality control and cooperation with leading automotive factories.

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