AWM antifreeze officially approved and has permissions of leading automotive producers for the first filling and application during the warranty and post-warranty service maintenance for the following automotive brands:


Special tests

The set of tests, conducted in the laboratory of coolants of the “AWM GROUP LLC” company, includes condition modeling, applied in engine cooling systems of modern transport facilities. According to Margaret Wheatley, responsible in the “AWM GROUP LLC” department for the development of automotive fluids and participative applied technologies, the AWM coolants are variously tested approximately 400 times a year. So far the specialists of the “AWM GROUP LLC” company have developed more than 40 different tests on corrosion resistance. These tests include as dynamical, as well as static tests.

Such tests guarantee that the water pump, radiator, heat exchanger and thermostat, as well as the cooling system channels in the engine will have a reliable anticorrosive protection.

Besides, the AWM antifreezes provide reliable protection for various types of rubber and plastic, which are used in the construction of hose tubes, gasket seals and header tanks.

Additional application field

alt Motorcycles of the BMW brand
and Asian manufacturers
alt MTU
engines for the production, agricultural and construction machines, freight and railway transport, shipbuilding and power engineering
alt Jenbacher
gas reciprocating engines, generator and cogeneration plants
humboldt-wedag KHD
machines and equipment for the production of cement, beneficiation of coal, ores and minerals

altIndustrial air conditioning systems of buildings, offices, commercial centers, workplaces.
altCooling systems of metal processing and welding machines, cooling of vacuum pumps.
altCooling of forming machines, molding and thermoforming machines, extrusion machines, mixers, granulators, polyethylene
terephthalate (PET) pack blowing automates.
altMulti-zone commercial air conditioners.
altIndustrial cooling water systems, used for receiving ice water (for example, sport ice rinks).
altChiller funkoil systems.

altDownload the catalogue of the AWM antifreezes application for passenger cars

altDownload the catalogue of the AWM antifreezes application for trucks