авм тж 4The AWM brake fluid designed to meet the strict modern requirements of the world automotive manufacturers for brake system parts.

AWM is a brake fluid designed in accordance with the latest developments and special requirements for vehicles with ABS and ESP electronic stability control systems.
At low temperatures, brake fluids have a very low viscosity, which causes a rapid change in pressure and rapid response of brake system.

AWM brake fluid exceeds the requirements contained in the specifications of new standard ISO 4925 class 6.

The latest process control system facilitates the checking of AWM brake fluid regularly on conformity to the strictest requirements set by industry standards.

Completely meets the OEM-specifications of automakers.

Brake Fluids Operation Rules:

  1. Brake fluid should be replaced at least once every two years or after, 40000 km in operation.
  2. After buying a secondhand car, it is necessary to replace the brake fluid completely.
  3. Not allowed to use brake fluid from a package opened for more than 6 months. Brake fluids intensively absorb moisture from the air, and so become hydrated. It can lead to failure of the braking system.

High quality synthetic brake fluid, DOT-4 Class. Recommended for modern brake systems equipped by ABS and ESP due to the high boiling temperature and maintenance of a high fluidity at low temperature.

Recommended for hydraulic brake systems and adhesion systems with boiling temperature of not less than 265°С and wet boiling temperature of not less than 175°С.
Effectively protects metal parts against corrosion.
Provides effective greasing of all movable components of the brake system.
Specially selected set of additives provides an effective protection of brake system and faultless transmission of braking effort during the entire service time of the fluid.
Compatible with high quality synthetic brake fluids based on glycol.

AWM DOT- 4 brake fluid range: 200, 455g

Qualitative characteristics:


Standard DOT4


Viscosity, mm2/s, at temperature: minus 40°С



Boiling point of dry fluid, °С, minimum



Boiling point of wet fluid, °С, minimum



Hydrogen ion activity index,pH unit, at 20°C, within



Application: brake fluid for use in hydraulic drum and disc brake systems and adhesive systems mainly for European vehicles combined with ABS and ASC.