AWM® DEF BLUE™ is a fluid for SCR systems of diesel engines

AWM DEF BLUE™ is an urea solution of high level purification (32.5%) in demineralized water (67.5%).
AWM® DEF BLUE™ is a complete analogue of urea solution AUS 32 (Aqueous Urea Solution, 32.5%), also delivered under AdBlue®brand, registered by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

It is used as an additional service fluid in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems of diesel engines.

SCR technology is based on injection of accurate dosed quantity of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) reagent in the flow of waste gases at the availability of catalyst (vanadic pentoxide). As a result, a chemical reaction of toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) transformation into harmless substances – nitrogen and water - takes place.
Application of SCR systems in the system of heavy equipment engine exhaust is required to achieve ecological norm and standards Euro 4 and Euro 5 on harmful agent emission.

AWM® DEF BLUE™ is produced in strict accordance with industrial standards: DIN 70070 and ISO 22241 as well as with the requirements of OEM specifications.

Technical characteristics

Parameter name Value
1. Appearance Colorless clear liquid without mechanical impurities
2. Density at 20C, g/cm3, within 1,087 - 1,093
3. Urea content, % of mass, within 31,8 - 33,2
4. Refraction index at 20C, within 1,3814 - 1,3843
5. Alkali content, in equivalent to ammonia (NH3), %, up to 0,2
6. Carbamyl urea, % of mass, up to 0,3
7. Aldehydes, mg/kg, up to 5
8. Insoluble residue, mg/kg, up to 20

Recommendations for use and storage AWM® DEF BLUE

Product classified as safe.  Storage period depends on external temperature, impact on the product. It is not recommended to store the product at the temperature higher than +25°C.

Freezing temperature is  -11°C. After the defrosting AWM® DEF BLUE doesn`t lose its properties. It is necessary to exclude contact with incompatible materials and use only appropriate container.