Recommendation on use and storage of AWM DEF BLUE™

The product is classified as a safe one (EC 67/548/). Storage time for the product directly depends on ambient temperature affecting the product. It is not advisable to store it for a long time at the temperature higher than +25С. Freezing point: -11С. AWM DEF BLUE™ does not lose its features after defrosting. It is not allowed for the fluid to contact incompatible materials and it is recommended to use only RECOMMENDED equipment and packing materials.

Useful time depends on the temperature

Constant storage temperature, 0С Minimal storage time, months
<=10 36
<=25 18
<=30 12
<=35 6
>35 Considerable shortening of useful time

Recommended materials compatible with AWM DEF BLUE™ fluid

High-alloy stainless steel according to DIN EN 10088-1/2/3, or stainless steel:
304 (S30400), 304L (S30403) (analogous 08Х18Н10Т)
316 (S31600), 316L (S1603) (analogous 08Х17Н13М2Т)
According to ASTM А240/А276/А312
Polyethylene (LDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) of high pressure, unblended
Polyizobutylene (PIB)
Perfluoroalkoxi (PFA), unblended
Polyfluorethylene (PFE), unblended
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), unblended
Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), unblended

Materials incompatible with AWM DEF BLUE™ fluid

Materials that react with ammonia and that form compounds that negatively affect the SCR-catalyst system: low-carbon steel, galvanized steel
Copper, copper alloys, zinc, lead
Aluminum, aluminum alloys
Magnesium, magnesium alloys
Plastics or nickel coated materials